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Our team provides full service design consulting, beginning with early inspirations, through to comprehensive permit and construction drawings, engineered and detailed to your vision.

Starting by listening to you, and drawing from your inspirational sources, we find out how you want to enjoy your home. Whether it’s entertaining, family activities, or personal enjoyment, we creatively design to suit your desired experiences. We help you answer those initial questions like, “How can my kitchen optimize workflow?” or “How do I create space to entertain quests while maintain a private area for retreat?”


Thoughtful design is critical when siting a new house, establishing circulation paths and sight lines, tackling small spaces and integrating sustainable energy solutions. Designing your home can be overwhelming. Our team guides you through a step-by-step approach with milestone revisions along the way to incorporate your feedback.

As design ideas develop, we become more and more specific with building systems. As a truly integrated Design + Build firm, we vet design ideas and always have the option of drawing expertise from our trusted network of trades, supplies and sub-consultants.